Luxury Kennels. Just for dogs!


Wagga Boarding Kennels has been planned to accomodate for the comfort of all dogs. Our premises is divided by a central hallway with one side devoted to small dogs and the other to mature dogs.

Our kennels are approximately 2.3m wide by 4m long. They have in floor heating for the colder months and air conditioning for the the hotter months. Trampoline bedding in provided individually.

Daily exercise is guaranteed either individually or in groups, depending on the dog's rapport with other dogs. We have 14 grassed exercise areas that the dogs love to play in. Naturally, weather conditions are taken into account.

For feeding, both pet-mince and dry food are provided but if your dog has a preference or special diet, you are welcome to supply your own food. We feed the dogs once a day or more upon request. 


Luxury Cat Accommodation. Purrfect!


The cattery has a range of units available, ranging from single cat units to units that can comfortably cater for more than one cat. There are two common play and exercise areas, one being an enclosed verandah were they love to sit and look outside.

Their units are 2m long by 1.5m wide. Mats, logs, scatching posts and toys are provided for fun and exercise. You are more than welcome to bring your own bedding and toys.

The cattery has infloor heating for the colder months and fully air conditioned for the hotter months.

With regard to feeding, both wet and dry food is provided. If your cat has a preference you are more than welcome to supply your own food. The cats are fed in the afternoon but a supply of dried food and water is available, individually at all times.

The cats are settled at their own pace and are exercised daily out of their pens.

Hydrobath Facility.


This service can be provided upon your request. We do this the day before your pet goes home so that they will be nice and clean for you. Long term boarders will be bathed regularly during their stay. If your pet has any special requirements, please let us know e.g. medicated shampoo etc.